BHP Billiton – Co. saw its FY2011-12 results ended 20 June 2012 post revenues at USD 72.226 b, a rise of 0.7 percent on a y/y basis. Profits came in lower at USD 15.417 b on lower demand for commodity prices, but above estimates of USD 14.6 b.

The co. is to give out a dividend of 57 cents a share. (IR, BHP billiton)


Sony 1Q12 operating profit for period ended 30 June came in 77 percent lower on a y/y basis to JPY 6.28 b (USD 80.27 m) vs exp of JPY 17.6 b. The massive declined was mainly due to slowing economy lowering the demand for TV sets and other devices. It also faced intense competition from other firms which also was a factor for the earnings this period.

The co. was forced to cut its forecast for FY12-12 to JOY 130 b vs estimates of JPY 139 b. The co. stated that lower demand means it expects to sell around 12.5 m TV sets this year. (CNBC)

NOMURA 1Q12 PROFIT AT JPY 1.89 b vs exp JPY 0.50 b vs prv JPY 17.70 b0

Nomura Holdings – Co. saw its 1Q12 profits decline on the performance of its mutual fund division and brokerage commissions. The probe on charges of insider trading also affected the co.

Net earnings declined to JPY 1.89 b (USD 24.2 m) vs previous year’s profit of JPY 17.7 b. Forecasts came in at a profit of JPY 500 m.

Mutual funds division revenues saw a 19 percent y/y decline and its brokerage divisions suffered on account of the suboptimal conditions in the global equity markets. (Bloomberg)


SONY CORP FY11-12 NET LOSS AT JPY 456.7 b vs prv LOSS OF JPY 259.6 b

Sony Corp – Co. reported FY11-12 net loss of JPY 456.7b vs. previous JPY 259.6b in FY10-11. Operating loss for FY11-12 at JPY 67.3b vs. estimated JPY 95b. Co. forecasted an operating profit of JPY 180b for FY12-13 vs. estimated JPY 173b; while FY12-13 net profit forecasted at JPY 30b. According to Fitch rating agency co.’s profits will remain under pressure due to falling demand in Europe and stronger Yen. (BBC/Reuters)



China Telecom Corp. – Co. posted 1Q12 profit at RMB 4.27 b (USD 677 m), a 6.5 percent decline over RMB 4.57 b a year ago.  The number missed analyst estimates of RMB 4.45 b, as the introduction of Apple Inc.’s iPhone increased costs to add subscribers to its wireless unit. Revenues came in at RMB 67.9 b, 16 percent rise over RMB 58.7 b and also exceeded estimates of RMB 67.3 b. The company’s subscriber base rose to 135.8 m for March with 43.6 m 3G users. (Bloomberg)

PetroChina – Co. reported 1Q12 net income at RMB 39.2b vs. expected RMB 34.8b. (NY Times)

NOMURA HOLDINGS 4Q PROFITS AT JPY 22.1 b vs. exp. JPY 14.4 b

Nomura Holdings reported higher profitsfor 4Q11 at JPY 22.1 b (USD 273 m) vs. JPY 11.9 b a year ago, exceeding estimates of JPY 14.4 b. Gains from its trading operations offset its investment banking operations.

Revenues rose to JPY 565.4 b for the quarter from JPY 365 b a year earlier. Trading profit increased to JPY 98.9 b vs JPY 68.7 b previous.

Investment Banking fee fell to JPY 14.8 b from JPY 27.8 billion previous.

For FY12 period, Nomura reported net revenue of JPY 1.5 t(USD 18.6 b), income before income taxes came in at JPY 85 b.